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About Us

We are small in size, but big in creativity.

We are a design and signs firm based in Houston,TX. TEXIGNS started off as a part-time freelance job, but has grown to produce a high number of projects, and the quality of work continues to rise.

We learn all current technology and remain up to date on all current trends to better produce quality work for you. Merging our creativity and skills with your business' core branding is the perfect mix that will raise your brand to new heights, and effectively gain customers.

To achieve success, TEXIGNS adheres to the following set of goals with each client:

  • We listen to you. You know your customer best.
  • We utilize our years of experience to provide you with a proven online presence.
  • We ensure future-proof design and functionality by using best-practice techniques. Times may change, but your Web site will stay sleek and relevant.

Our Process

Our process revolves around a three-cycle phase system:
Think it. Create it. Launch it.

Think it — Uncover the Vision

The first step is to create a shared vision of what your design project will achieve and how we will make it happen. We collaborate with you to understand your business' background, help you clarify objectives, assess the needs of your project and develop concepts that will bring character your brand image and visually convey your message. Extensive research is a major component of uncovering your vision. We examine your competitors, analyze your market and observe industry trends that may affect or enhance the project.

Create it — Create the Vision

Once we have agreed upon an overall strategy and direction, we work to create the vision for your design project from a functional, creative and technical perspective. We establish a creative design framework that will serve as the roadmap for all design, technical and production efforts during the development phase.

During this phase, we produce preliminary designs, specifying all content, functionality, navigation (for Web and interactive projects) and the overall look/feel. Our concepts show off our unique creativity, ensuring that your final design will reflect your company's image and be truly distinct.. We present and review these concepts with our clients as they evolve.

Launch it — Unveil the Vision

Your design project is now ready for unveiling. TEXIGNS is presented in full glossy color; Web designs are moved to live online environments for exploration; interactive and motion media are put on view for users to experience. Of course, before and after the project is made fully functional, we ensure it's flawless through testing and quality assurance. The entire project is reviewed and tested to verify compliance with all agreed upon requirements, client approvals and product reliability.



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WEB DESIGN start at $599
LOGO DESIGN start at $99

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